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Eco Friendly Kitchen Gift Box

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Wash your pots and clothes with our zero waste kitchen essentials kit made especially for those looking to start their plastic-free journey.

Give this gift set to anyone who is looking to make the switch, this all inclusive kitchen set will get them going and they will no doubt be thankful.

This kitchen set gives you beautiful utensils to easily implement sustainable eco friendly washing up & cleaning in your home.

The set includes:

Round wooden dish brushes with a pleasant knob-like handle that offers a good grip while scrubbing plates and pots. The brush is handmade from oil treated birch and sturdy but pliable horsehair.

Made in Sweden

Washing-Up Dish Soap Bar. 

Clean your dishes, pots and pans the eco-friendly way without harming the environment. Powered by organic plant-based ingredients that are tough on grease yet gentle to your hands. 100% natural dish washing soap bar which is biodegradable and plastic free.  This chunky 120g solid  dish washing soap bar lasts for months and its beautiful presented in hand-throw ceramic pot that can be reuse as a coffee cup after. 

Linen tea towel 

Simple and modern design will look great in any kitchen. Made with 80% raw linen and 20% cotton.